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Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Where do I find the banners, links, photos, etc to put on my website or social pages?

After you have been accepted into our affiliate program you will receive an email with login and password information so you can access all of your digital assets. You can download the assets or copy the HTML code so that you can paste into your website.

  • How do I get my customers to your website to buy products?

You can get customers to our website by placing links, banners, product reviews, or any other content on the web. We can provide you content to place or you can create your own (as long as it aligns with our company policy). You can post links, comments, videos, testimonials and more on forums, group pages, chat rooms and other places found online. Facebook,Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Linkedin and Quora are some platforms to post on. Each time a customer comes to us from your efforts and that customer makes a purchase, your earn a commission.

  • What if I don’t have a website to promote The Bo•Co Bar?

That’s ok, you can still promote on most social media platforms, email,text and by recommending to your friends and family.

  • Where should I place my affiliate links?

The best spots to put affiliate links are where your visitors can easilyfind them on your home page. Your navigation bar, social media posts, blog posts and other high-traffic areas are good great for links and banners.The easier it is to click, the more likely your visitors will make a purchase.

  • Is there a cost to becoming an affiliate?

Nope! Our affiliate program is absolutely free to join and there are neverany costs or fees.

  • How do I get a hold of someone to discuss the Bo•Co Bar Affiliate Program?
You can email us at info@theBo• and we will get back in touch with you right away. Leave your phone number and best time to call, if you’d like to chat on the phone.