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The Bo•Co Bar Began with Three Women Starting Over

In January 2017, after losing 26 year old Aly (daughter/sister) to colon cancer, LindaMae and Erika (mother-daughter) moved into the Denver area hoping for a new start. Passionate about nutrition and alternative health, LindaMae started a detox spa in Boulder. In the fall of 2018, LindaMae created a raw, vegan whole food hemp heart bar to offer to clients who were on restricted diets due to chronic illness. About that same time, LindaMae became close with Jeannette, a woman who knew she was about to lose her husband to bone cancer. The two became close friends with grief as a common denominator. On New Year’s Day, 2019 just a few months after the death of her husband, Jeannette asked LindaMae if she’d like a partner in her hemp heart bar business. She too, was looking for a new start, rediscovering who she was after raising and homeschooling nine children with her husband of 37 years. Like LindaMae, Jeannette was also passionate about nutrition and understood the vital connection between chronic illness and whole food nutrition. In March of 2019, LindaMae, Erika and Jeannette - three single women touched deeply by the scourge of cancer, came together to form Boulder Raw, LLC the parent company of The Bo•Co Bar. Together LindaMae, Jeannette and Erika are committed to creating nutrient dense, convenient food for everyone, especially those who are both trying to prevent cancer and/or recover from cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

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