The BoCo Bar Story

Linda Fogwell, Founder of the BoCo Bar
Hi there!

I’m LindaMae, the woman behind The BoCo Bar.

I used to run off without breakfast, swing by a drive thru to grab coffee and a muffin, and find myself unfocused and light headed an hour later.

Sound familiar?

I’ve since been diagnosed with ADHD, hypoglycemia and gluten sensitivity.

In 2018, a nutritionist suggested I eat high protein, low sugar, gluten free foods for breakfast. At that time I was also tested for food allergies which showed a high sensitivity to eggs, soy, turkey and pork. So, those high protein items were out.

Years before, I’d met a Canadian farmer who told me about the unique nutritional benefits of hemp hearts (the inside of the hemp seed). He said because hemp hearts were high in Omegas (healthy fats), high in fiber and high in protein, they had a very stabilizing effect on blood sugar. In fact, he had reversed his Type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and high blood pressure largely by eating hemp hearts with salads. He ran an educational program for diabetics, introducing them to the healing power of hemp.

So I decided to try making a bar using as many hemp hearts as possible - held together with date paste. I soon discovered that not only did this hemp heart bar keep my blood sugar from crashing, I wasn’t hungry for hours. Hemp hearts are freakishly filling!

At that time I owned a detox spa in Boulder, CO. Sometimes after a detox session, a client would feel lightheaded and dizzy. I brought in my hemp heart bar to give them something to eat before they left. They’d feel more stable minutes after finishing the bar. Several of my spa clients were holistic nutritionists. They were so impressed with the taste, texture and nutritional profile of my bar, they implored me to bring my bar to market. They wanted to recommend my bar to their clients.
“We tell our clients that if they don’t make a plan they’ll make a bad decision,” they told me. “Your bar would be a great decision for our clients who have a tendency to skip meals!”

In 2019, I closed my spa, christened my hemp heart bar “The BoCo Bar”, and created 4 flavors (that tasted great with coffee) in a commercial kitchen in Denver, CO.

That same year, I brought on a business partner, Jeannette Gaiter, a friend who’d recently lost her husband to cancer. I’d lost my daughter to cancer a few years LindaMae Fogwell and Jeannette Gaiter, November 2020earlier, and we both shared a passion for making excellent nutrition available in a “grab and go” format. In fact, my hemp heart bar had been sustaining nutrition for Jeannette in the months after her husband’s passing, when she was too exhausted to make herself meals.

Now Jeannette and I work with Nutritionists and other Wellness Practitioners who want to recommend The BoCo Bar as a great plan for when their clients skip a meal.

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Wishing you the best health!

The BoCo Bar