Customer Stories

Every customer has their own story… their own reason they love The BoCo Bar. 

You are a teacher, doctor, nurse, small business owner, salon stylist… anyone who has to be on the go and can’t always eat a good meal in the morning or middle of the day… the BoCo bar provides sustained energy during your long day of physical activity. 

Professional athlete or a weekend warrior.  The BoCo bar can enhance your athletic performance as it stabilizes your blood sugar.  Maybe you have a medical condition such as diabetes or hypoglycemia, IBS, celiac disease or a special vegan or vegetarian diet that requires you to get a healthy combination of high protein, high healthy fat and high fiber all in one place.

boco bar stabile blood sugarWhatever your personal reason, we are confident you will quickly discover The BoCo Bar helps you enjoy your life with the energy and focus you get from healthy, whole food ingredients. 

Share Your BoCo Bar Story

We would love to hear from you, and be able to share your story.  The reason(s) that The BoCo Bar helps you get through the day.  Send your story (and a picture if you have one) to  By submitting this information to us you give us permission to publish your story and image on our web site and other online sites and offerings.