BoCo Bar Benefits

Why The Bo•Co Bar Is So Good For You

Nutritionists will tell you what works best is to eat high protein first thing in the morning … high protein foods mixed with healthy fat and soluble fiber create sustainable energy.  LindaMae describes creating the bar, “I wanted something very convenient that I could grab and go first thing in the morning.  With The BoCo Bar I am good for hours.  I know that athletes look for food like the The BoCo Bar to improve their performance.”

Thinking about her own busy schedule, LindaMae continues, “I began to realize that everyone does better when they eat food that helps stabilize their blood sugar. People feel like they don’t have time during the day to eat well.   Often, they don’t eat at all or eat snacks… and they feel like crap.  People who eat The BoCo Bar don’t have to interrupt their flow.  The bar helps them because it is so nutrient dense.  Hemp hearts comprise 42% of both the Apple Pie and Lemon Zest Bars.  One benefit of hemp seed is the Omegas, 3 and 6, which are healthy fat, similar to salmon oil, fish oil.  It is a whole food, complete protein that is easy to digest.”

Take A Look Inside One Bo•Co Bar

The ingredients are the secret of the BoCo Bar!  Lemon Zest healthy ingredients can be seen in this image.